Best Weapons in Ghosts of Tabor and Where To Find Them

Best Weapons in Ghosts of Tabor and Where To Find Them

Ghost Of Tabor Best Weapons

Whether you are new to VR FPS games or you are a seasoned veteran in a variety of shooter titles, you won’t last long in Ghosts of Tabor without the right equipment.

Gear in this game is everything. From food and healing supplies to armor and weapons, you will need to utilize the best gear you can in order to give yourself a much-needed edge over the competition. In this article, we will be going over the best guns that are currently available in Ghost of Tabor as well as how you can get your virtual hands on them.

What Makes a Good Gun in Ghosts of Tabor?

The best weapons in Ghosts of Tabor are the ones that allow you to kill your enemies before they kill you. This means you will want a weapon with a high amount of damage, armor penetration, and recoil control so that you only need to land a few shots rather than several to dispatch your foes. The last factor to take into consideration is weapon price and availability, as some players may not have the funds to continually spend over 50,000 TK on a single weapon kit just to lose it in their next raid, while others may not have all of their traders at max level yet. With all of this in mind, let’s get to the list!


M1A SASS Ghosts of Tabor Gun

This semi-auto rifle is a community favorite for its pure lethality at range. The four generous rails and silencer slot allow you to fully customize this weapon to suit whatever map you go to. It is a versatile weapon for both day and night raids. The ~50 RPM is relatively low, causing this weapon to suffer at close-range encounters against high-rate-of-fire weapons. The base magazine holds 20 rounds, while the upgraded drum magazine will give you 50 rounds.

Aim is key when using the M1A SASS. If you can consistently hit headshots then there is no better gun. Its effectiveness drops off significantly if you are aiming for the body, where higher rate-of-fire weapons would outperform it.

It is rare to find an M1A SASS in a raid, though not impossible. You will want to check the Purple Keycard rooms in Missile Silo, Island of Tabor, Matka Meist, and Matka Meist Underground.

  • Price: 52,640 TK
  • Caliber: 7.62x51mm
  • Trader Level: Spectre Arms LVL 4



The budget version of the M1A SASS. The G3A3 is a great gun statistically, with slightly higher damage values than the M1A SASS and a much higher fire rate of 545 RPM. The downside to this weapon is that it only has a single rail mount for scopes, along with a silencer mount. This drastically impacts its handling and makes it very difficult to control when firing full-auto. For this reason, it is best kept in semi-auto.

You can find both 20-round and 30-round magazines for this weapon. The lack of attachment options, paired with this weapon’s low price, makes the G3A3 a very capable budget rifle. Luckily, the G3A3 is a fairly common weapon that you can find in raid. Some higher-tier Fenix will be carrying this weapon. Hunting them should eventually reward you with a G3A3. It can potentially be found in just about every common gun box.

  • Price: 8,180 TK
  • Caliber: 7.62x51mm
  • Trader Level: Spectre Arms LVL 3

SKS (Full-Auto)

SKS (Full Auto)

While the original SKS is a fine, cheap early-wipe weapon, the Full-Auto SKS is a fantastic upgrade that will serve you well in your raids. Also known as the Golden SKS, this weapon has a very high rate of fire of 923 RPM, taking full advantage of the 75-round drum magazines that come with it. This firing rate, along with the decent damage and penetration values of the SKS, makes it a great gun for close-range and mid-range encounters.

The biggest downside to this weapon is the lack of attachments. You will have a single bottom rail for your grip, which you will definitely want to use. This weapon does not have a silencer slot either, so be prepared to reposition quickly after every kill. The lack of a sight means that you will either have to get familiar with this weapon’s iron sights or get comfortable with point-firing.

This is the only weapon on the list that can not be purchased from the market. You will need to find and kill the Fenix boss Krtek in Silo to get this weapon.

  • Price: N/A
  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Trader Level: N/A



The AS-VAL is the strictly better version of the VSS, with four additional rail slots to help with aiming and recoil. This weapon is integrally suppressed, saving you money on a suppressor and helping with noise. The 1,000 RPM fire rate makes the AS-VAL a beast in close-quarters fights.

You should avoid the base 10-round magazines in favor of either the 20-round or 30-round alternatives, as you will quickly run through ammo using this weapon. You will want to make sure that you are strictly aiming for the legs or pelvis when using the AS-VAL, as it is the only part of the body that is not protected by armor. This gives you the best chance at taking out your enemies without relying on armor penetration RNG.

While you can potentially find the AS-VAL out in the wild, it is a rarer weapon type. It is best to look for one to spawn inside of the Purple Keycard rooms of Missile Silo, Island of Tabor, Matka Meist, and Matka Meist Underground.

  • Price: 14,181 TK
  • Caliber: 9x39mm
  • Trader Level: Spectre Arms LVL 4

AK-109 Alpha

AK-109 Alpha

The AK-109 Alpha is, in all rights, a very good weapon. It is the only weapon in its caliber that can consistently kill a player in two shots using FMJ bullets, with AP rounds significantly increasing its damage as well. It has six attachment slots as well as a suppressor slot. It has access to a base 30-round magazine as well as a 75-round drum magazine which you will need if you plan on taking extended firefights. It is a good all-around weapon that many players in the community love to use.

The main issues with this weapon are its price, its trader level, and its caliber. For almost 44,000 TK, not including attachments or magazines, you will get a weapon that is in one of the weaker calibers at the moment, practically requiring the use of AP rounds when facing Tier 6 armor. To top it off, you need to reach Spectre Arms LVL 5 in order to purchase this weapon. If you are rich and have maxed out your trader levels, then the AK-109 Alpha can still be a compelling option.

Being a rarer find, you will need to rely on Purple Keycard rooms of Missile Silo, Island of Tabor, Matka Meist, and Matka Meist Underground if you plan on finding an AK-109 Alpha in raid.

  • Price: 43,854 TK
  • Caliber: 7.62x39mm
  • Trader Level: Spectre Arms LVL 5

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