The Official esports and Content Team

of GLYTCH Energy


GLYTCH Gaming is a competitive esports and content team fielding top tier teams across the globe and a world class content team, GLYTCH Gaming is built on the fundamental values of creating a thriving community, focused on the goal of being one of the best esports and content teams in the world.



Being a Content Creator is not easy, developing a strong brand image while creating consistent and on brand content is no small feat, at GLYTCH Gaming we support all our creators in their content endeavours from small pieces of advice and host and raids, to full on community driven growth and editor facilities.

GLYTCH Gaming’s goal is to support all our creators in their endeavours to create the best content and create healthy organic growth on all the creators channels.




At GLYTCH Gaming we believe training is key to developing our talent into world class names.

We have a premium content and training studio in Tampa, Florida, giving our talent the best opportunity to train and create content together.

Our competitive teams train in our facilities before every major event, bringing in world class esports coaches to master every aspect of the game with our teams.



GLYTCH Gaming is fielding competitive teams within multiple esports titles such as Brawlhalla, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Mobile and Tekken 7.

We take pride in seeing our teams compete at the highest level and emboldening the GLYTCH brand everywhere they go, we also field our content team at multiple events around the world from Cosplay to growing our content creator’s brands through events such as Twitch Con and Holiday Matsuri.

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