Fred Rosser

Mr. No Days Off” Fred Rosser, better known by his WWE ring name Darren Young, is a WWE Superstar Veteran, current New Japan Pro Wrestler and a relentless LBGTQ advocate for the community and an inspiration for younger generations.

His and Hers Live

We’re a married couple who stream nightly together, We are also owners of the Jukabowl.

Apex Legends content creator focused on creating informative content for the community.

The Dank Memer of Apex Legends that gets drunk off of Glytch Energy.

Larry Lurr

My name is LarryLurr and I love Super Smash Bros. I’ve been competing in multiple games of the series since I was 16 years old. Throughout my career I’ve tried a lot of energy drinks to help me while competing, streaming, etc. and Glytch is one of the best.


Retro-Spect, a professional YouTube idiot who loves playing video games and having fun with the community!


Hi, My name is Sweatband, I am an Apex Legends content creator that focuses mainly on providing helpful tips and gameplay to my followers. I strongly recommend giving Glytch Energy a try because it helps keep me focused even in the late hours of the night or when I am just simply unmotivated to grind!


Gamer named David who has a full time job hitting nasty clips and trying to make people smile one stream at a time.