What is the GLYTCH Affiliate Program?

In simple terms, affiliates can earn money and free products from their sales and referrals.

Becoming an Affiliate with GLYTCH is not all just about the sales, we strive to create a strong uplifting community, which supports each other through exciting events, supporting each other’s streams and communities.

Level up your GAME with GLYTCH!


*All applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis


What is Tier 1?

At Tier 1, affiliates receive a 10% discount on GLYTCH products and earn a 5% commission on sales. This tier is a great starting point for those new to affiliate marketing or looking to dip their toes into the world of energy drinks.

What does Tier 2 offer?

Tier 2 provides affiliates with a 10% discount on products and a higher 7.5% commission rate. To qualify for Tier 2, affiliates must make 15 sales during a 12-month period using their unique coupon code. As a bonus, affiliates at this tier receive a free GLYTCH wristband, a pack of GLYTCH stickers plus a $10 GLYTCH Energy gift card as a token of appreciation.

Exploring Tier 3

Achieving Tier 3 status unlocks a 10% discount on products and a generous 10% commission rate. Affiliates must make 30 sales within a 12-month period to reach this tier. In addition to the discount and commission, affiliates at Tier 3 receive a free GLYTCH T-shirt, a Limited-Edition Pin set, a $10 GLYTCH gift card and the opportunity for an interview to become a GLYTCH partner.

Unlocking the Inari Fox Tier

The pinnacle of the GLYTCH Energy Affiliate Tiers is the Inari Fox tier. Affiliates at this level must make 60 sales a 12-month period using their unique coupon code. In return, they receive a GLYTCH Care Package filled with exclusive merchandise, including an exclusive Legendary GLYTCH Hoodie, Mouse Pad, 1 GLYTCH tub of your choosing, After Dark Starter Kit and a $50 GLYTCH gift card. Legendary tier affiliates are automatically referred to GLYTCH partner status and gain entry into the yearly flavor raffle for a chance to build their own GLYTCH Energy flavor.