GLYTCH is here to dominate and revolutionize the landscape of esports by prioritizing gamer health and well being first. Gamer wellness aside, our creations are used to help increase your work energy through the day or night.

We create top of the line supplements that amplify energy, focus, recovery and promote restful sleep. At GLYTCH, we value leadership, integrity, performance as well as creativity; the core values that make up our culture.

We look for those who not only embody GLYTCH culture but are willing to live the GLYTCH LYFE.

Family owned and operated, we do everything in house. From sourcing, formulating, manufacturing to distribution. From the time we receive the raw materials until it ships to your door, we are involved in every process along the way. All of our formulas are unique and developed by our team of researchers and developers. You play hard and we work hard to bring you the best supplements on the market. We are not another energy drink company. We have a full line of products and supplements to not only keep you playing hard, but to keep you healthy as well. GLYTCH will continue to innovate and develop new and exciting products.

For more details about our products such as wellness supplements, gamer energy and Revive hydration mixtures, please see our FAQ.

Ben- Owner anf Founder of Glytch