I’m 32 years old. I’m married and have 2 children ages 9 and 5. My favorite games to play are MLB the Show & Battle Royale Genre games.

Whats up guys the names Markus but I go by “BAMBINO” I’ve always been into video games since I was a little boy, I started out playing games on the Nintendo 64 and just continued to find my love & passion for first person shooters. I’m a very dedicated and competitive player who strives for success in anything I do. I’m all about good vibes and enjoy having a laugh with my community. Never let someone tell you that you can’t be who you want to be. Keep your chin up and always remember there’s beauty in the struggle.


I’m CaptInfernal I have been following Glytch since I met them at Dec 2019 Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, FL. I am a streamer started on Mixer and now moved to Twitch since its closing. I stream Variety, Smite, and ESO. Also I do Minecraft pixel artwork.

Hi my name is Drops, i am a Youtuber/Streamer. I am only here to make you laugh 🙂

Chief Charming

I have always had a love for gaming as many people do. In 2017, I was introduced to Content Creation involving gaming so I decided to use what I had and give it a try. So with my Playstation 4 and a Playstation webcam, I started that journey into streaming and content creation on YouTube and Twitch. It has grown into something I didn’t know was possible. Now the titles of Content Creator/ Streamer have been added to Musician/Singer/Producer.

Cleveland Cam

Cleveland Cam started his streaming journey in March of 2020. He started his journey as an FPS gamer, playing games such as Apex Legends and Valorant. Since that time, Cam has become a Call of Duty: Warzone Content Creator; Currently ranking in the top-2000 in the world in kills across all platforms. Cam is a firm believer in his three “c’s”: Competitive-Candid-Community. When tuning into his streams, you will see a streamer who is open and honest, who wants to dominate whatever he is playing, and someone who is constantly showing appreciation for his community, the camFAM!


Future Dentist trying to be the light in someone’s life rather than the darkness in hoping to make you smile and feel confident.


I’m Anjelica aka AJ! Im 27 years old and I hail from Philadelphia, PA. Ive been gaming since I came out of the womb and within the last year I took a great interest in streaming! Im here to have a good time, be a positive influence in the gaming community, and make people laugh since I am a caffeine independent life form who just happens to be funny. Lets game!

Hi! My name is Kendra and I am from Canada. I started streaming 2 years ago, at the same time, I had played my very first video game! I am all about positivity, and bringing good vibes. 🙂


Pretty chill guy, Apex Legends Content Creator.

Puck Vanek

Hi, my name is Trevor Perry, or Puckvanek and I am a commercially rated pilot and part time Twitch Streamer. I am currently in my final year of college at the University of North Dakota for Commercial Aviation. I stream sim racing games such as iRacing and currently am competing in the Road to Pro series with the expectation of becoming a Pro in 2021.

The Bearded Bear

My name is Tom. Twitch Affiliate. Husband and Gamer!! American Truck Simulator and Marbles Streamer but also stream other Games!! Love Meeting New People and Making New Friends so stop in and say hi!! Come Meet the Bearded Bear!!


Hey there, Silhouette here! I’m that blue haired guy who loves to play horror games but most of all, spread positivity! From the south but have been all over the world! So if you like jumpscares, horrible puns, and welcome arms, then you’ve got a place here!

SGT ArbysSauce

Husband, Father to two boys, and a US Air Force Veteran. I have been streaming for a short time but I have a great community of people that stop by each time I go live! I play Call of Duty, Rocket League, GTA V, Madden, and Fortnite. I’m from Ohio and am a huge Cleveland Browns and Ohio State Buckeyes fan. Stop by and say hello when you see #thefoxhole go live! Do you have what it takes to join #ArbysArmy?

Grizzy G Logo for the Glytch Energy partners page.

Grizzy G

Hey, my name is Garrett also known as “Grizzy”. I am a YouTube Partner and my focus is to provide guides, gameplay, tips, and helpful videos to the Apex Legends community. My goal is to build a fund and interactive community that loves to compete and improve their game in Apex Legends.


3 time Game Crazy Tournament Champ. Variety Streamer. FPS, Automotive and Party Game extraordinaire. I have the mullet, the mustache and the radical ability to be all business in the front while partying everywhere else. Stay spicy, amigos!