Big Pac+

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You know Every Second Counts and with our Big Pac+, you will get your hands on our latest ESC Shaker Cup and create your custom Big Pac box with up to 4 different flavors!

Customize your BIG PAC + by selecting 4 flavors (max 2 of the same)
20 Packs Total/5 of Each Selection


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  • ESC Shaker Cup
  • 20 Individual Servings
  • Zero Sugar
  • 15 Calories
  • Performance Blend
  • Energy Blend
  • Focus Blend
  • Ocular Blend
  • Antioxidant Complex

5 reviews for Big Pac+

  1. jonathanbron2005 (verified owner)

    Great shaker cup, and allows for people to try 4 different flavors. Great overall product would highly recommend.

  2. Les Grochowski (verified owner)

    Big pac+ is great, after trying the starter pack I got this so I had a second starter and got four flavors so I had a variety to pick from.

  3. Brian Chrysler (verified owner)

    When I ordered this a few weeks back, I was a bit sad that my order did not contain the shaker. However, Glytch’s customer support was friendly and more than willing to make things right, and that alone deserves 5 stars of excellent work!

  4. streamsospicy (verified owner)

    Can’t decide what flavors you want? Can’t afford multiple tubs? This is the deal for you! Comes with a shaker and enough servings to Glytch you to your next Rez!

  5. thisisvcm (verified owner)

    After having Glytch for a few days, I love it way more than Gfuel! Gfuel powder seems a bit chalky to me and the flavor is a bit overwhelming, but Glytch, it’s smooth, and the flavor is not overwhelming! Personally, Glytch is like having flavored tea, smooth with a bit of flavor, but not an overwhelming amount of it!

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