Blackberry Lemonade


GLYTCH ReVive Blackberry Lemonade: Level up with our caffeine-free, rapid hydration electrolyte formula influenced by His & Her’s. This post-game recovery drink has an explosive Blackberry Lemonade flavor which supports muscle, joint recovery, and cognitive function. In a world where every second counts, we got you covered.


Renew your state of mind and body

Are you drinking enough water? Most studies show that a large percentage of people do not. Well, GLYTCH is here to help you out. GLYTCH ReVive is a post-game replenishing support drink. Get much-needed electrolytes while rapidly rehydrating, supporting your muscles, joints, and allowing you to maintain your mental clarity without caffeine or sugar.





we’re a married couple who stream nightly together, we are also owners of the jukabowl.

introducing the first flavor of the new product line we call revive. the blackberry lemonade flavor was influenced by his and hers live.

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