Custom Big Pac

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The GLYTCH Custom BIG PAC! Looks like your favorite traditional hamburger box, but whats inside is way more fun and delicious! Now you can create your very own custom box with up to 4 different flavors! Your’e Lovin’ It!

Customize your BIG PAC by selecting 4 flavors (max 2 of the same)
20 Packs Total/5 of Each Selection


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    • 20 Individual Servings
    • Zero Sugar
    • 15 Calories
    • Performance Blend
    • Energy Blend
    • Focus Blend
    • Ocular Blend
    • Antioxidant Complex

5 reviews for Custom Big Pac

  1. TraMan247 (verified owner)

    Amazing option for testing out flavors for a great price. The packets are great for traveling or bringing to work as well! Love it!

  2. Amanda Moy (verified owner)

    1.) I love the shaker design that came with the starter kit, that I’m now using for my big pack (and more).
    2.) The fact that the formula is soluble goes a looooong way, I hate gritty-tasting mixes from a lot of other brands.
    3.) The packets are so convenient when I’m traveling for work or vacation.
    4.) It’s Glytch…I love it, and the brand is so interactive on social media and is doing a killer job.

  3. Orion (verified owner)

    As a collector of all things cool we wanted to get the Big Pac just for the box but when we opened it we saw the magic that was inside. Amazing variety as well as great design

  4. Les Grochowski (verified owner)

    Big pac is great if your ballin on a budget like me lol. Four flavors for the price of one how can you beat it.

  5. Nicole Sweeney (verified owner)

    Perfect for someone who is indecisive like me! Also A+ packaging!

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