Slaughter Melon

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We could tell you we sent the watermelons up a mountain with a weird old Chinese guy to become ninjas. But really? Watermelons can’t climb stairs. Instead we had them watch every kung fu movie ever made. 100 times. Consecutively. Karate chopping your taste buds and slaughtering every enemy in your path. Nothing compares to the a** kicking flavor of Slaughter Melon.

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    • 40 Servings
    • Zero Sugar
    • Processing Speed
    • Increase Memory
    • Stamina Boost
    • Lazer Focus

4 reviews for Slaughter Melon

  1. Dario (verified owner)

    I switched from Gfuel and don’t regret it. Gfuel changed their formula so it is basically only vitamins and caffeine now, while Glytch has ingredients that actually do something for you. Vitamins, Theobromine, Noopept, Alpha-Gpc, L-theanine and the list goes on.

    Glytch has definitely replaced Gfuel for me. Laser focus and improved mood. I will definitely order more in the future, despite the waiting time and taxes (Which is not their fault, since i am from Europe).

  2. ixEsports (verified owner)

    Top tier flavor!!! My personal favorite and thats a hard decision!!!

  3. Jim (verified owner)

    Great taste with a nice punch!

  4. Christian Ballentine (verified owner)

    This taste like the Mexican watermelon candy with Chile powder on it! Its freaking amazing!!

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