Team Devour

Team Devour aims to bring entertaining gaming content to screens across the globe. We strive to dominate esports using a content-focused approach to gaming, consistently showcasing content and high level competitive gameplay across multiple media platforms.

We are Elation, an Esports family. We currently have teams competing in R6 and Call of Duty along with content creators across a variety of games. Our main goal outside of growth inside of the esports industry is to spread positivity throughout our community while also putting them in the best positions to succeed. Many things to come from us, stay positive and stay tuned! #ShowYourElation

Hype Unit

We are creators, entrepreneurs, and competitors – but most importantly we are a community made by YOU. Countless hours of team building and learning contribute to everything we are now and everything we will be, we are Hype Unit #BringTheHype.

The Mob Squad

“The Mob Squad” is an Esports, and Content Creation organization founded in Early 2020 with one core principal..”Family First” We are a family of gamers! Be it Content ,or Competitive , this “Mob Mentality” is with us everywhere we go! And the next stop is The Top of this industry! #MobWithUs

Optimal Ambition

We are a group of friends brought together by fate, an ambition to achieve goals, and a constant desire to accomplish a better gaming community. We are not solely focused on talent; but more importantly attitude, motivation, and contributing positivity to our organization and overall community.

Orion was founded in 2018 with one idea in mind “Developing Players & Content Creator”, and 3 years later we have grown vastly. Dedicated to improvement we are here to help our members succeed!


We are RAWNation. As an International Multi-Team Organization, we have multiple rosters across different games and platforms such as Call of Duty, Rocket League, Apex Legends, and Content, and are constantly expanding into other games. RAWNation is focused on leaving our mark in the Amateur and Professional Comp Scene, and being one of the biggest Content and Entertainment Orgs in the world, while engaging with our community, and building positivity.

Revenant Esports

Revenant Esports is an Upcoming Esports Organization founded in 2016 and officially established in 2017. We consider ourselves to be a First Step Team. Giving Players and Content Creators a supportive, relaxed, and learning environment to be ready for their potential competitive future. We consider our team to be more like a family. A place that you can Come and Go and be happy to represent publicly, on Social Media, and at events!

Team Pwnage

EST 2010, Team Pwnage is where gamers all over the world come together with like minded hearts & passion for gaming whether they are just starting out, are a casual gamer, or leaving the esports scene. A judgement & drama free zone filled with family vibes, genuine support, & love for all.

Pulse is a global gaming organization that is home to many of the greatest gamers across the world. In Pulse we are always striving to be amazing gamers and even better people. We focus our efforts and our skills on charity, accessible gaming for disabled individuals, and mental health awareness. We are partnered with the non-profit company Warfighter Engaged and run multiple charity events for them year round. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to give back to the community and our veterans.
Est. 2007/ReEst. 2020

Raised By Wolves

Raised By Wolves Gaming strives to be a positive influence to the esports community. From content creation, competitive gameplay, and player management our climb to the top continues. Our pack leads by example, and we seek to lead by serving others! #FearTheWolves

Antimatter Gaming

Antimatter is a multifaceted esports organization that has professional rosters across a variety of titles. Additionally, Antimatter has an expressed focus on live events, broadcast production, and content creation. It is our core belief that esports should be equitable for players and talent to develop their brand, and we seek to lower the barrier of entry to the scene by offering an accessible ecosystem for each and every individual.

24KUnity Glytch Team


24KUNITY is a professional international organization competing in a variety of games. They are a home to streamers, and YouTube content creators. 24k is a competitive brand in the gaming scene, they are an exclusive home consistently looking for creators and or players that are always grinding and giving their all for their community. We don’t want to follow the trends here at 24k, we set them.