GLYTCH Energy is one of the fastest-growing gaming powdered energy drinks in the United States. Based in Tampa, Florida we manufacture all our products in house with the goal of building a healthier American made quality and affordable product.

All of our products are clinically dosed and tested with fully transparent labels, becoming the 1st powdered energy to do so in the United States.

We have a wide array of venues hosting our products across North America and the UK.

GLYTCH Energy looks to build strong wholesale relationships, Through the offering of strategically priced products for your store and up to 250 serving tubs including event sponsorship opportunities and having influencers days at your store.


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    LEVELUP Arena, Kansas City, Lawrence and Springhill.

    LEVELUP Arena offers something for every gamer. Take part in our community events, compete in our tournaments to showcase your gaming skills, and much more. Join us for an unforgettable gaming experience.

    LEVELUP Arena provides Premier gaming venues with high-end PCs, couch co-op gaming, tabletop gaming, and event space with production capabilities, providing a unique gaming and entertainment experience for all visitors.

    New Meta Gaming Arena – Islington, London

    New Meta Gaming Arena, is the first ever location within the United Kingdom you can purchase GLYTCH Energy at.

    New Meta is a place where players come to share their passion for gaming. At New Meta, players and e-sports fans will enjoy high-end gaming on top-of-the-line PCs while choosing from a wide variety of food and soft and alcoholic drinks. Visitors will regularly get to enjoy a vast variety of e-sports related experiences, from tournaments and competitions to regular broadcasts of the biggest e-sports events around the world. New Meta will also feature a dedicated streaming booth to empower up-and-coming content creators to stream on high-end equipment while also giving them the opportunity to grow their fanbase and meet their followers in a casual live environment.


    Gamers Heaven – South Florida + Phoenixville

    Gamers heaven is a one-stop shop for gaming supplies and equipment. At Gamers Haven, they provide customers with everything they need to enjoy their gaming hobby in full. Whether you’re looking for consoles, games, or accessories for your current system. Or want to get started on a new system altogether. They have what you need. If you’re looking for something to do after work or school. Gamers Haven is located right next door to Fickle Phoenixville. Perfect if you have plans with friends after work! They have tons of casual games and sports events happening every day at both locations! Want more time on your hands? Why not consider joining one of their frequent Magic: The Gathering tournaments?

    Scrims Center – Chicago

    Based out of Chicago Scrims features custom gaming PCs and NextGen consoles. Gamers can drop in for hourly gaming and play dozens of the most popular game titles. A casual atmosphere which features socially-distanced gaming stations that are suitable for competitive and casual gamers alike.


    Invictus Game Station – Toronto, Canada

    Invictus is the first location in Canada to stock GLYTCH Energy and an incredible venue to visit.

    Experience the most exciting and comfortable gaming experience in a 6,000 square foot space that includes 66 top-of-the-line PCs, seven consoles including Xbox, PS5, Nintendo Switch and a line of retro video games, five private VIP gaming and card rooms, four automatic Mahjong tables, one 120” HDMI projector screen, and four 50” screen TVs for the ultimate console experience.

    Heart Container Café – Miami, Florida

    Gaming & Anime Inspired Food and Drinks!

    The Heart Container is a Gaming and Anime themed Pop-Up Cafe and Catering Service! Providing unique Japanese inspired Food, Snacks and Drinks all around Miami-Dade and Broward! Working with many Local Conventions, Arcades and Nerdy related Locations! They also host and Commentate Gaming Tournaments! Running all of Tekken 7 for South Florida and even Casual Super Smash Tournaments! We are excited to announce we are expanding! We are now open for Deliveries! Ever wanted to try a Dango from your favorite Anime? Or maybe a famous Japanese styled Bento Box? Well, now you can try all of that and MORE! Right from your fingertips, delivered right to your home!

    GamerBulk – European Retail

    Gamerbulk takes care of all the hassle so you can stay in-game and instead worry about your k/d.

    No longer do you need to deal with US customs, worry about expensive shipping costs and wait until year 2077 for your package to arrive. 

    We got your back and if something goes south, just hit us up and we’ll be at your assistance asap.