A Gaming Industry Leader in Health-Conscious Energy Supplements - GLYTCH Energy

A Gaming Industry Leader in Health-Conscious Energy Supplements

About Glytch Energy

Benjamin Bullington founded GLYTCH Energy in 2020. He has already impacted the gaming industry by revolutionizing high-quality supplements, powdered energy, and hydration drinks at affordable prices.  GLYTCH only use clinically tested and dosed ingredients with no artificial flavor or sweeteners. We stand by our newly reformulated and transparent products, allowing it to provide its customers with clinically proven, clean, and effective products without hurting the wallet.

GLYTCH Gaming: Building a Thriving Esports Community

GLYTCH has also established an esports organization called GLYTCH Gaming. This is to cement its position in the gaming industry. The team fields top-tier international teams and has world-class content creators on the team. Built on fundamental values, GLYTCH Gaming creates a thriving community focused on having the world’s best esports and content team.

Competitive gamers and content teams have a unique opportunity to train, receive further development, and meet one another on “Content Days” at GLYTCH’s training facility in Zephyrhills, Florida. Furthermore, GLYTCH Gaming’s competitive teams can train in the facilities before significant events and bring in world-class esports coaches to master every aspect of the game with the team.

Their competitive teams have competed at the highest level in multiple esports titles, including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, and Tekken 7. GLYTCH Gaming takes pride in seeing its teams compete at the highest level and promoting the GLYTCH brand everywhere. The team has several well-known players, such as Larry Lurr, TarikDee, Tilde, Reedz, and Vein. These players are considered some of the best in their respective games.

Glytch Energy Creators

Our organization’s content creators are also essential to GLYTCH Gaming’s operations. This team supports content creators in developing a solid brand image and creating consistent on-brand content. The goal of the content team is to support all creators in their endeavors to create the best content and create healthy organic growth on all creators’ channels. Additionally, the content team also fields at multiple events worldwide, such as Cosplay and Twitch Con, to help grow the content creators’ brands.

GLYTCH’s commitment to the gaming industry and its gamers is evident through the establishment of GLYTCH Gaming and the support provided to its competitive teams and content creators. The company’s supplements, energy, and hydration formulas are here to stay through determination by revolutionizing the supplement industry in the gaming scene and providing a strong community.

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