Introducing GLYTCH ReVIVE

Introducing GLYTCH ReVIVE—EMGG Influenced Raspberry Lemonade

Introducing GLYTCH ReVIVE, Our Latest Addition to GLYTCH

We are proud in introducing GLYTCH ReVIVE! This hydration formula helps gamers, and active individuals recover faster and reduce muscle soreness after exercise. With a powerful blend of BCAAs, beta-alanine, citrulline malate, and electrolytes, GLYTCH ReVIVE is the perfect way to replenish your body and mind after a hard gaming session in lobby takeovers. 

You can find your new favorite post-workout beverage in four delicious flavors: Blackberry Lemonade, Cherry Limeade, Strawberry Margarita, and Raspberry Lemonade influenced by EMGG.

At GLYTCH Energy, we’re committed to helping you perform your best.

Our latest formula contains three key ingredients: Aquamin, Hydra 4G, and Astragin, clinically proven to assist in recovery and hydration.

  1. Aquamin is a mineral-rich, multi-component ingredient derived from the red algae Lithothamnion calcareum. Aquamin provides calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals essential for maintaining healthy bones, teeth, and overall bodily function. Additionally, Aquamin has anti-inflammatory properties, which can be beneficial for reducing exercise-induced inflammation and improving recovery.
  2. Hydra 4 is a hydration blend containing a combination of electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride. These minerals are essential for maintaining proper fluid balance and regulating nerve and muscle function. Hydra 4 also contains taurine, an amino acid that improves exercise performance and reduces muscle damage.
  3. Astragin is a proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients that improves nutrient absorption and utilization in the body. Astragin works by increasing the activity of transporters in the small intestine, which allows for better absorption of nutrients like amino acids, glucose, and vitamins.

These three ingredients work synergistically to provide optimal hydration, energy, and nutrient absorption to support athletic performance and overall health.

But don’t just take our word for it—try GLYTCH ReVIVE for yourself and experience the difference.

With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can feel confident that you’re getting a product that truly delivers premium hydration. So what are you waiting for? Level up your gaming performance with GLYTCH ReVIVE. Head to our website now and order your favorite flavor. Your body, mind, and gaming skills will thank you!


Introducing GLYTCH ReVIVE

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