Taurine For Gaming- How And Why To Use Taurine

Taurine and Gaming – Pro’s and Con’s


Nootropics like taurine, are amazing supplements to consider especially if you’re into gaming. After all, gaming demands coordination, precision, mental acuity, and focus to outsmart your digital rivals. If you’re not functioning at optimal potential then you’ll probably end up losing to your opponents.

You can blame your gaming performance on your teammate’s incompetence or the “lag”, but ultimately your virtual world game-play is something only you can control. This is the main reason why many esports players end up seeking out specific brain supplements that can help them optimize their performance during a gaming session.

With all that said, let’s take a look at the benefits of Taurine for gaming. And how this supplement can help to increase reaction time, focus, cognitive function, and attention



Neurotransmitters are chemicals that help to pass messages from one nerve to another.

The most common of these chemicals found in the body is glutamate, and what’s interesting about this compound is the effect it has on nerve cells.

Research shows that when neurons come into close contact with glutamate they renounce their capability to regulate calcium levels. This would create serious problems if it weren’t for taurine. Studies have concluded that once glutamate has stimulated nerves, taurine begins to be released.

And this action triggers taurine to help regulate the calcium levels leaving and entering the cells. As a result of this complex process, nerve cells are protected from unwanted damage, and homeostasis is maintained.

In simple terms, taurine helps to protect the nervous system thanks to the balancing-action it produces on a cellular level.

2.    Benefits The Musculoskeletal System

This miracle amino acid adds a little TLC into your muscles and bones.

Taurine plays an intrinsic role in muscle regulating functions and can lower the risk of post-workout fatigue. It also acts as a protective agent when it comes to muscle damage, enabling people to push themselves and exercise for longer without having to experience soreness.

Studies suggest that taurine may be effective in treating skeletal muscle disorders such as muscular dystrophy, but further research in this space is needed.

3.    Supports Heart and Brain Health

Taurine can naturally be found in both the heart and brain and this wonderful amino acid helps to keep both of these vital organs functioning correctly.

In fact, research shows that increased levels of taurine in the brain can decrease the risk of age-related neuro-disorders. Moreover, when it comes to heart health, taurine helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

But that’s not all! Taurine can act as your brain’s magical fountain of youth:

  • Research has shown that routine supplementing of taurine can benefit memory and learning skills.
  • One study also found that taurine supplementation can improve cognitive function significantly.
  • And lastly, taurine has also been shown to improve mental health. The research found that this amino acid helped to modulate and reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

4.    Helps To Maintain Eyesight

Last but not least, taurine can help to maintain optimal eye function. This popular amino acid can be found in high volumes in the eye region, and it has been shown to safeguard the retina from deterioration and degeneration.

This is great news for gamers, as we all know by now that prolonged screen-time can cause extreme eye fatigue and stress, which over time can lead to degeneration.

Taurine supplementation can help to counteract the negative impact that gaming has on eyesight, to some extent.


Using Taurine For Gaming

With the ever-growing popularity of competitive gaming and esports, it’s no wonder that gamers are actively looking for new ways to enhance their skill set and take their performance to the next level.

As we’ve seen above, taurine is an excellent option when considering brain-boosting supplements, as this nootropic will help to elevate brain, cognitive, and muscle function.

It’s important to remember that chugging excessive amounts of energy drinks and caffeine-rich stimulants during a long gaming session will be counterproductive once the “caffeine-crash” begins to take effect.

These can be a good option for quick energy spurts, but not a great approach for gamers who are trying to hit peak performance for hours on end.

If you’re looking for alternative options you could try Grannys Gernades – All our formulas feature evidence-based ingredients such as Taurine that will keep you focused, reactive, and alert while you dominate ANY virtual landscape.


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